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DIY Full Diamond Painting Cross Stitch kit for Adults Home Decoration Busy Farming and Bumper Harvest


  • funny
  • shinning
  • beautiful
  • easy
  • enough diamonds

Celebration Of A Bumper Harvest


    Apomelo 10×12 inches Diamond Painting Full Thanksgiving Green Truck Painting with Diamond Art Kits for Decor,Bumper Harvest Pumpkin


    • Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit.16-facets diamond beads,18 beautiful colors diamond beads, more shining, more vivid and more beautiful.
    • Canvas Dimension: 10×12inch/25×30cm, Drill Dimension: 8×10inch/20×25cm
    • Tool Includes:1 * Printed Canvas + 1 * Drill Plate + 1 * Drill Pen Tool + Diamonds (Exclude Frame)
    • Suitable and simple for people of different ages to do themselves. To cultivate interest or hobby for adults or children.
    • Adorable Black Board Truck Picture for fun. Cultivate your interest and provide you hours of enjoyment. When finished, framed it with a ideal frame, that can be a shining beautiful decor !

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    Striving for a Bumper Harvest


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      Bumper Harvest in Misty Rain


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        Bumper Harvest (feat. Manyika)


          Bumper Harvest in Misty Rain


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            Celebrating a Year Of Bumper Harvest


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              Bumper Harvest Celebration


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